So many people love Somerset, here’s just a few reasons why…

David Warburton MP, Member of Parliament for Somerton and Frome
“The splendour of our unique villages and beautiful market town, each surrounded by sweeping panoramas of stunning fields and hills, and all brimming with the energy and enterprise of generous and hospitable people on every side: these are just a few of the especially rare qualities which we’re so fortunate to enjoy in Somerset.”

Helen Lacey, Managing Director, Red Berry Recruitment
“I love Somerset because for over 10 years the amazing people and businesses have supported my business and help it flourish and grow! I chose Somerset 13 years ago to move here and I love it!”

John Halls, Operations Director, Miles Tea & Coffee
“Somerset – where do I start, it’s just everything the UK has to offer in one county from the villages, coastline and Exmoor National Park. Our coastal location has been an inspiration for our recent rebrand at Miles. The relaxed way of life has allowed us to keep our own small traditions such as tea breaks for all the staff: everything stops for tea. We like to take a moment to relax and enjoy a cup of ‘Somerset warmth.”

James Heappey MP, Member of Parliament for the Wells Constituency
“Somerset is just the most amazing county. We've got the most stunning landscape, magnificent buildings, world beating food and drink and one of the most important cultural events on earth. But what I love more than anything else about our incredible county is the extraordinary range of things that are going on, all the time, in every village and town. People love living here and they show that love by forging the most brilliant communities. Who would ever live anywhere else?”

Sir Ranulph Fiennes, Explorer
“I love Somerset above all other counties in England. In particular, it has the best National Park in the whole world – Exmoor – where I have spent the happiest days of my life.”

James Purefoy (Actor)
“I love Somerset because it’s where I feel most myself.”

Valerie Stones, GBBO Contestant
“I have lived in Somerset for thirty-four years, longer than I lived in Yorkshire. Somerset has everything that I left behind when I moved here (or else I would never have been tempted away from Yorkshire). Somerset is so beautiful: it has hills, moors, a gorge, caves and a coastline. It has castles, cathedrals, grand estates and cottages. It has a wealth of wildlife in the woods, waterways and wetlands. I never tire of its beauty, there is always something to see throughout every season. Most of all what I like about Somerset is that the people made us welcome and continue to do so. As a head teacher I was always supported by my lovely parents as together we looked after their children.”

Roger Saul, Owner of Kilver Court
“Somerset is my birthplace, my home, it is part of my soul. Murmurations of starlings; sunrise behind the silhouette of Glastonbury Tor; the glow on the evening horizon from a trillion Carnival-float light bulbs or the throbbing heartbeat of the headline Festival act on a still summers night - these are the essence of my Somerset.”

Martin Roberts, TV presenter, Property Expert and Journalist
“Everything about the word 'Somerset' conjures up images that cheer and inspire, that melt the heart and ease the mind. For once, it's a word and a county that doesn't disappoint.”

Kevin McCloud, MBE
“I’m very proud to live in Somerset and wholeheartedly recommend the quality of life it has to offer. What with Farmers’ markets, independent breweries, commercial cider makers, cheese makers and other local producers, Somerset is blessed with delicious food and drink. Over 400 different varieties of cider apple are grown in Somerset – just one example of this county’s fabulous diversity. Somerset Day 2017 is a fitting tribute to celebrate this big and beautiful county, so come along to Taunton on 11th May and find out for yourself.”

Valerie Singleton, Presenter
“I am very much enjoying living in Somerset having lived just over the border in Dorset for many years. I am particularly fond of Wells, Bath, Frome and Castle Cary as places to visit. I am a patron of the Secret World Animal Rescue, near Bridgwater and Happy Landings at Pylle near Shepton Mallet. The Chapel at Bruton is a favourite haunt and eating place for me.”

Michael Eavis, Glastonbury Festival
“I didn’t think I’d survive originally but looking back over nearly fifty years of running this thing, Somerset is the only place the Festival could have happened. It’s the only place it could have become so big, it’s the only place it could have survived so long. Somerset is full of non-conformists and original thinkers, it’s very anti-establishment. It has been since my family moved here over 150 years ago, has been for hundreds of years before that. We were Methodists in Pilton, there were Quakers in Street. Especially Richard Clark who was actually chairman of planning and recommended that planning should be approved. That was so important, alongside all the other stuff that normally gets thrown in about the ley lines, the history and the legends. There’s nowhere else in the country I would have got away with it.”

His Grace the Duke of Somerset
“The 6th Duke of Somerset gave an intriguing insight into the government’s initial disorder following Monmouth’s landing at Lyme Regis when he wrote to the then Secretary of State, the Earl of Sunderland ‘I have only one regiment and one troop of horse which I am afraid will hardly stand because the others have showed them the way to run, the enemy is now at Bridgwater, which is in ten miles of where I am’. I am delighted to forge a further link between my family and Somerset by accepting the invitation to become Somerset Day's first patron.”

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